The Study association AWAke International

has been a part of Tilburg University for 13 years.

Awake is a study organization created with the main purpose of raising awareness about ongoing world issues.

This includes a multitude of social and environmental issues. We raise awareness in a variety of ways, including symposiums,

master classes, documentary showings, parties, and more. Awake aspires to provide aid and take action
through volunteer work and charity events organized by the board and its members.

The Team

We are a group of six young and enthusiastic students. We organize conferences, discussions, lectures, symposiums; raise money for different causes. For more information on our activities, please scroll further down. Are you interested in organizing charity parties, discussion drinks, or many other activities, or write for the newsletter? contact us!

Awake International has six committees that aim to develop a better practical application of the theoretical studies that we are experiencing at our universities, schools. By organizing seminars, lectures and conferences, we aim at awaking the people around us about important topics which are then discussed with on an academic level.

Sustainable Environments Committee

Sustainable Environments is the committee responsible for the proliferation of awareness on the condition and protection of the environment.

Conflict Area Committee

Dealing with some very controversial topics, this committee aims to bring together people from different background in order to discuss and possibly find a solution to problems occuring everyday in conflict areas.

Human Rights Commiittee

By organizing regular events aiming at bring more awareness of our own human rights, the committee helps build a basic understanding of what we all have and deserve to have as humans – elementary rights to protect us.

Volunteer Work Committee

The Volunteer Work Committee is concerned with the aid providing side of AWAke International. The Volunteer Work Committee consists of a rather large group of people as it needs people that are willing to help out those who need it.

Party Committee

As students, we like partying while discussing important topics. Hence, organizing chill evenings or fundraising events we break the walls of the every-day schedules.

ICT Committee

The ICT Committee explores the influences, consequences and potential of Information and communications technology as they surface in relation to global issues.

Events pictures

A future for Palastine

More than just a symposium, A future for Palastine is a series of academic activities aiming at bring awareness about what is happening on the other side of the world, where people are living a country that does not exist.

Symposium Feeding a Sustainable Future

During this academic symposium in 2012 we discussed different ways to provide a sustainable future for us and our children.

Fund Raising Party

Every year we organize fundraising parties for certain topics or different ideas. Last year we raised money for an orphanage and donated, so as to better the lives of the children living there.

Model United Nations

The first of its kind at Tilburg University. Model United Nations Tilburg University was developed and established in 2013/2014 by a group of brave and passionate for knowledge students.

Willing to make a change?

If you want to join our student association as a member, please reach us via the contact form or through social networks.